Divinity rest ye merry Cisgenders

In December's stocking filler, Abacus floats along on melody: minimal verbage, maximal harmony, intermittant political correctness. If Christmas is less blizzard of drink and more familial cheer, spare a thought for those whose pavement mattress offers little comfort from the chill of a life catastrophized. Be well and cheerful entering the New Year.    ... Continue Reading →

Opiate of the Plutocracy

It is at once trivial and sombre that the Armistice centenary falls on a Sunday. Would that it had been a hundred years of silence since the deafening insanity, the monstrous anger of War. Giving one's life to save others is perhaps the best death? It has meaning, purpose and is a kind sacrifice. Doesn't... Continue Reading →

Open Mike

Mike Thomson has opened our ears and eyes to world horrors happening now: be it the plangent hopelessness of Fayo Hadji, an Ethiopian child whose hunger ignited tender philanthropy or  the calamitous Dafur crises from 2003 or currently, the disheartening absence of humanity metered out in Syria, focussing on the ruins of Raqqa, Idlib and Eastern Ghouta. The... Continue Reading →

Animus of a Satirist

You can count on Abacus for piquant, incisive observation. June: and the tall figure of Charles Peattie animates the programme. As co-creator of Alex in The Daily Telegraph and Celeb in Private Eye, he also writes plays and creates & narrates Shorts (aimed at grandparents + grandchildren?). For us, he draws back the curtain on life reflecting art and art's... Continue Reading →

Fighting fire with fire

There is something entirely irresistible in fighting fire with fire. One extinguishes the other. Yet, so depleted is the dialogue between the disparate factions of healthcare provision that this simple idea has not been permitted as a means of explanation. People say I don't believe in complementary medicine nor homeopathy. In light of there being nothing... Continue Reading →

What happened to the Huguenots?

... and how much do you know of their history? The waves which wafted from France dispersing countless thousands who fled religious reprisals brought literate Huguenots to these shores and the rest of Europe from the mid-Sixteenth century. A particular, artistic cultivation has infused their adopted homes ever since. April's Abacus Huguenots rising is an opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Food of Love

February's Fund-raising Fortnight on Resonance 104.4fm has kicked off. Do help us continue broadcasting by sliding your shiny notes along to Resonance's donations page Meanwhile on Abacus, the refreshing composer Sarah Llewellyn holds the baton in describing her music. As founder and artistic director of Tonal, she cascades her musicality in cheerful celebration of what... Continue Reading →

Seeing the Light

December's programme wanders the shore of reason to sift truth from what we see. At least, it wrestles with ideas around the content of what we see when we see it. Confused? Great. Jonathan Beamish is a film-maker whose artistry questions more than it answers: a perfect guest. His oeuvres can be found here. Abacus:... Continue Reading →

What in Earth?

On Tuesday Seventh November, Abacus digs over the earth to reveal the relation that obtains between soil and grain. Patrick Holden CBE was The Soil Association CEO for ten years before founding Sustainable Food Trust. An organic diary farmer, with the genial agreement of a herd of Ayrshire hephers, his family farm produces Hafod Organic Cheese. Rather... Continue Reading →

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