Friends – Radiators and Drains?

Sandy Mitchell, in an enormously friendly fashion, helped explicate that it means to be and to have a friend.


The nature of Dialogue

This week, we'll have ... a dialogue, to chisel away at the cladding. What may be revealed is whether a conversation between two or more people has displaced 42 as the answer to the universe and everything. What does it mean to converse? Set your seat belts to stun as the presenter has cogent concerns on this.... Continue Reading →

The function of Friendship

This week, Theard Side of the Coin will examine the function of Friendship. Sandy Mitchell,  writer and Founder of RedBook Agency, which planes off the rough edges implicit to the creation or restoration of Work and Life surroundings, has nobly agreed to help explicate its dimensions. We'll be hoping to strip off plaster and render a fresh... Continue Reading →

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