The unity of Words

The glorious Rik, The Young Ones Punk declared that "sticks and stone may bbbbwake my bones ..." Words can't merely hurt; they can annihilate the spirit. Their power to inspire, to diminish and all inbetween is a wondrous thing. The magpie nature of English entails practically every word possesses at least two meanings. Thus, the... Continue Reading →


The music of Numbers

The potential is we're going to nail ourselves to our own petard this week. Madeleine Baird can neither count nor read music. Joie. Tune in, therefore, to listen to whether the claw side of the hammer can rescue things. Joining us live in the studio will be Chuck Bassie, a musician known for his smoky... Continue Reading →

The comfort of Intimacy

In anticipating this broadcast, we hope what is begotten emerges as a conversation of powerful simplicity, revealing what can by understood by the word in its fullest sense. Assisting the process will be Alex Laird and Theodore Zeldin. Also briefly reflected upon will be  the Guildhall Library's Poppy exhibition by Rebecca Louise Law. The installation forms a floral sky reaching to... Continue Reading →

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