What in Earth?

On Tuesday Seventh November, Abacus digs over the earth to reveal the relation that obtains between soil and grain.

Patrick Holden CBE was The Soil Association CEO for ten years before founding Sustainable Food Trust. An organic diary farmer, with the genial agreement of a herd of Ayrshire hephers, his family farm produces Hafod Organic Cheese. Rather than use a sledgehammer to crack the nutters in food production, he takes a scientific approach to explicate the sense of balanced sustenance.

Nick Jones comments on cultural matters having pressed himself into the groove of artistic life across Cumbria and Northumbria. An authority on flour, together with his wife Ana, he ran the award-winning Mill at Little Salkeld with a fine-grained appreciation of sustaining the balance in nature. Time didn’t allow for enlarging upon a couple of tantalizing historical facts he raised: you can learn more of that volcanic explosion here while the role it played in two failed crop harvests tilting events towards the French Revolution can be found ici.

Image Patrick Holden
Nick Jones by Julia Stanton

The dialogue between these two proponents of compassion-infused science in production of food is uplifting: a hopeful essay in modal logic.


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