What happened to the Huguenots?

A Psalm close to the Huguenot heart                                                               “….. a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.”

… and how much do you know of their history?

The waves which wafted from France dispersing countless thousands who fled religious reprisals brought literate Huguenots to these shores and the rest of Europe from the mid-Sixteenth century. A particular, artistic cultivation has infused their adopted homes ever since.

April’s Abacus Huguenots rising is an opportunity to understand a little more of this intensely creative, industrious community among whose number include the first Governor of the Bank of England [yes, the very first] through Rolling Stones’ guitar-man, Keith Richards.

Join us at Five on Tuesday, Third April for a strum through the chords of Huguenot history with Caroline Vienot from the French Church and Paul Baker.

Huguenots of Spitalfields will find Paul Baker’s guided walks and talks around Huguenot hotspots in London or mail info@huguenotsofspitalfields.org for details of the forthcoming festival.

The French Church, Soho Square is currently fund-raising to replace its roof.    La Providence in Rochester is the French Hospital celebrating its tercentenary.

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