Fighting fire with fire

There is something entirely irresistible in fighting fire with fire. One extinguishes the other.

Yet, so depleted is the dialogue between the disparate factions of healthcare provision that this simple idea has not been permitted as a means of explanation.

People say I don’t believe in complementary medicine nor homeopathy.

In light of there being nothing to believe in, that’s not surprising. It’s like saying I don’t believe in roast potatoes.

But broadcasters appear unable to give balance. This chart features a brief selection of what we hint at in the programme. See if you can find balance in the reporting?

Claim Media Date featured
Oxford research led by Prof Rory Collins states statins are by far the best option to lower cholesterol and their side effects are exaggerated Radio 4 news bulletins detailing Guardian report 9.ix.16
GM Omega 3 is fed to farmed fish starved of their natural anchovy diet Radio 4, 6am news 6.x.16
The pill makes some women less likely to develop cancer compared with those who’ve never taken it : then pregnant women waste money by taking Omega 3 Radio 4, 6am news reporting a Mirror story: then a Mail story  22.iii.17
St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo, Camomile tea: all interfere with drugs treating cancer Radio 4, 6am news reporting a Daily Mail story  24.i.18
Adding Folic Acid to flour is better than taking supplements Radio 4, 8am news 31.i.18
Drugs are to be developed to boost the immune system Radio 4, Tom Fielding report at 07.30  8.ii.18


Lords Darzi and Prior published a report last week stating that by 2030, the NHS will require an extra sum of £50bn annually boosting the budget to £173bn. There are other, better value means to flourish health.

The MayDay programme – repeated on Thursday, Third May at Three – is an urgent expression of DisMay over polarization in healthcare provision and dares to posit the notion of assuming responsibility for our own health.


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