Animus of a Satirist

© Peattie + Taylor                                                       first printed on 23.iii.18 in The Daily Telegraph

You can count on Abacus for piquant, incisive observation.

June: and the tall figure of Charles Peattie animates the programme. As co-creator of Alex in The Daily Telegraph and Celeb in Private Eye, he also writes plays and creates & narrates Shorts (aimed at grandparents + grandchildren?). For us, he draws back the curtain on life reflecting art and art’s imitation of life.

Melody Maker from around the time the animus of Alex was first begat

In a buoyant dialogue, we hear the wither and whether of his art, from Melody Maker to The Daily Telegraph. Added to which, we come to understand that the life of a globally successful cartoonist ain’t all Bollinger and Beluga: how we weep.

Tuesday, Fifth June at Five, repeated 46 hours later – Thursday at Three, for those without a counting apparatus – and forever on Mixcloud.

That’s it for this run of Abacus.

We thank @trevor_cox for billowing us in and out of the programme each month with the infinite echo of KuKu and we are thankful to all our gorgeous guests who’ve given of themselves to the benefit of you and the programme.

Ultimately, we thank you for lending us your ears. We’ll hope to whisper into those shell-like again after the football and summer break … if and only if we get the call from he-on-high otherwise known as the Station’s Controller.

© Peattie + Taylor

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