Opiate of the Plutocracy

Image                                                  War horse and groom, amid the sea of poppies, at the Tower

It is at once trivial and sombre that the Armistice centenary falls on a Sunday. Would that it had been a hundred years of silence since the deafening insanity, the monstrous anger of War.

Giving one’s life to save others is perhaps the best death? It has meaning, purpose and is a kind sacrifice. Doesn’t mean Governments should congeur up causes to enable it. Millenia of killing and still we don’t learn.

Billions of souls swimming in a redemptive sea of divine might have wished for a longer go at life. The 850,000-odd poppies flowing around the Tower in 2014 was a sober grip on the heart of the problem. War kills to no purpose.

For November’s programme, Abacus joined the People’s Vote March that strode out in hope of unity. We listened to some of the 700,000 people consider ideas around war and sacrifice.

Thanks to those who spoke, some of whom gave their names, while others didn’t: Paul Grovett, Tina Morris, the Janes couple, Rob Archer, Tilda Johannson and her husband, Anna from NZ, Denise Able from Umbria, Richard, Helen, Veronika Heider, Fred Bartlett, Les & Mrs Les from Liverpool.



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