Our Gorgeous Guests


Season II

Open Mike ~ Mike Thomson BBC Foreign Affairs correspondent reveals a little of what it means to tell the world about itself by means of finding souls brave enough to do the talking.

Follow these links to look deeper into areas touched upon in the programme:

Escape from Sinai – documentary on kidnapping and people trafficking in Sudan & North Sinai

Life Inside ‘Islamic State – Animated audio which led to The Raqqa Diaries: Escape from Islamic State

Link to the book The Raqqa Diaries: Escape from ‘Islamic State’

Radio documentaries Syria’s Secret Library and Last Call from Aleppo or, through through Amazon, soon-to-be-published Syria’s Secret Library

In Search of Zawadi – On the interview with Zawadi Mongane in DR Congo


Season I

Animus of a Satirist ~ Charles Peattie – satirical cartoonist responsible for Alex in the Telegraph and Celeb in Private Eye draws together the lines illustrating the entelechy of his creations.

Huguenots rising ~ Caroline Vienot – member of the French Church in London as well as supporter of the Huguenot HospitalMuseum at Rochester and Paul Baker who organises Huguenot tours around Spitalfields. Together they walk us across the diametre of all that is pertinent

Food of Love ~ Sarah Llewellyn – the composer wonders on the nourishing nature of music

Seeing the Light ~ Jonathan Beamish – describes how he captures on film the ideas which form in his head.

What in Earth? ~ Patrick Holden and Nick Jones – discuss the visceral importance of allowing nature to do what it does best.

Sweet chariotTony Jordan – reveals how he morphed from market trader to script-writing producer with the help of a garden fence and a neighbour.


Theard Side of the Coin

Series i
The function of Friendship 
Sandy Mitchell, founder and director of RedBook Agency

The nature of Dialogue 
Olivia Gadd, communications director, Grant Thornton LLP &
Victoria Thornton OBE, founder of Open-City

The comfort of Intimacy 
Alex Laird, founding director of Living Medicine &
Theodore Zeldin
, writer, thinker, conversationist, creator of The Oxford Muse

The mellowness of Vision 
Tony Palmer, director, writer, musicologist

The music of Numbers 
Chuck Bassie, musician

The unity of Words 
Mark Staples of Hatchards &
Bern Roche Farrelly of New Word Centre


Series ii
What is there left to believe?
Ben Virgo of Christian Heritage London

Burns’ Night and Day
James Fairbairn, past President of the Burns Club of London

Homelessness – the domino of catastrophe
Val Sullivan of The Pavement and
Nat O’Brien of All People All Places (@APAP_Shelter)

Saddle Sore
Neil Laughton of The Penny Farthing Club

Smoke & Mirrors
John Amiry, a life-long pipe smoker and City Analyst

Site Seeing
Lord Judd of Portsea, Cumbrian resident who spoke in the debate
Muir Lachlan, a chartered surveyor who helped build Sellafield


Series iii – Iconoclasts
Katharine Whitehorn, writer & presenter & national trove

Whither Art?
Stephen Bayley, writer, critic, opinion former




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