Sweet Chariot

I feel a drum roll coming on. The fact of the matter is that Tony Jordan, a man whose affability is matched by his success, agreed ages ago to converse for one programme and the dialogue will feature within another. Notwithstanding, his words steer us onto the inside track of what counts in the pursuit... Continue Reading →


Biddova snafu

The planets conspire, sometimes, to redirect the course of history. So was it with this Iconoclasts run and although somewhat vexing at the time, the launch of the fresh series was postponed a week. Thus, to co-incide with New Horizon's close peek at Pluto and pals, the publication of Nell Harper Lee's Prequel and quatorze... Continue Reading →

Site seeing

Expect a bit of argy-bargy on the programme this week. A Bill is wandering through Parliament pertaining to the siting of a proposed geological disposal facility. For nuclear waste. Nimbyism aside, the case has not been made for the geological soundness of the proposed location. We'll have contributions from experts in nuclear impact and parliamentary... Continue Reading →

Pipes of peace

This week, the Theard Side will be sending up smoke signals in praise of the peep.  Pipe smokers, in both senses a dying breed, were once the furniture of black and white photographs, everyone's favourite uncle, aunts in sensible shoes, Mississippi (and carrot-headed Swedish) youths at mischief.  Now few and far between, we've smoked out one... Continue Reading →

Homelessness – the domino of catastrophe

So huge a subject cannot be answered in half an hour. Rather, we shall attempt to understand what happens when there is no-one able or willing to catch the one who falls through the net: what it feels like, how it appears to others, what can be done to arrest the pace of atrophy of... Continue Reading →

Series II

Theard Side of the Coin launched the second season with a new format and a very surprised presenter. Under discussion was a-pondering of what is there available to believe? Seemingly, for the religious, the only thing which matters to believe pertains to God. Next week, we'll attempt to stick clear of polarizing piquancy and waltz... Continue Reading →

New Year, new yearning

Theard Side of the Coin is returning for its second run on Sunday Eighteenth January. In a fresh format, we'll be distilling its somewhat idiosyncratic content into something stronger. We'll keep y'all posted but in the meantime, do listen to Resonance 104.4.fm at any time and doubtless you'll be delighted, surprised and invigorated.  

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