With luck and a fair wind, clicking the illuminated text should waft you straight to deeper connection with the subject of the object. [… what?]

This link takes you to Abacus programmes.

Or click this one for all three seasons of Theard Side of the Coin. 

Programme Name Guest Date of Broadcast
Creativity geyser Tony Jordan 3.x.17
What in Earth Patrick Holden CBE

Nick Jones

Seeing the Light Jonathan Beamish  5.xii.17
 Food of Love Sarah Llewellyn  6.ii.18
 Huguenots rising Caroline Vienot

Paul Baker

 Fighting fire with fire All on her ownsome 1.v.18
Animus of a Satirist Charles Peattie MBE 18
Open Mike Mike Thomson @ThomsonRadio 2.x.18
Opiate of the Plutocracy People’s Vote Marchers 6.xi.18

Theard Side of the Coin
broadcasts: wandering between what’s usually said and the unsayable. Also, reflecting on the forgotten.

You can hear any and all of them here.

Season i

The function of Friendship Sandy Mitchell 14.ix.14
The purpose of Expression Francisco Castilla 21.ix.14
The nature of Dialogue Olivia Gadd &                       Victoria Thornton 28.ix.14
The comfort of Intimacy Alex Laird &                       Theodore Zeldin    5.x.14
The mellowness of Vision Tony Palmer 12.x.14
The music of Numbers Chuck Bassie 19.x.14
The unity of Words Mark Staples &                       Bern Roche Farrelly 26.x.14


Season ii

Programme Name Guest Date of Broadcast
What is there left to believe? Ben Virgo 18.i.15
Burns’ Day and Night James Fairbairn 25.i.15
Homelessness – the domino of catastrophe Val Stevenson &                   Nat O’Brien 1.ii.15
Saddle Sore Neil Laughton  8.ii.15
Lean Lent Thin pickings  15.ii.15
Smoke & Mirrors John Amiry  22.ii.15
Site seeing Muir Lachlan &                       Lord Judd of Portsea  1.iii.15



Season iii – Iconoclasts

Programme Name Guest Date of Broadcast
Modernity Katharine Whitehorn 14.vii.15
Whither Art? Stephen Bayley 21.vii.15



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