The Voice

The voice of presenter Madeleine Baird ( yodels through programme content, format and nature. The tone was formed in 1995 when she began broadcasting The Hollywood Ups and Downs Show, “the first film show on Radio for Thirty years” (source: bfi) kindly sponsored by HMV Media Group. Guests included:

 Kate Beckinsale, Kenneth Branagh, Andrew Crawford

Lesley Chamberlain, Patrick Doyle, Ralph Fiennes, Mick Ford

Gerald Kaufman, Britt Harrison, Barry Norman

Tony Palmer, David Puttnam, Alexander Rachmaninoff

Alexei Sayle, Ned Sherrin, Tim Waterstone & Greg Wise

This programme was followed by Baird’s Breast Stroke on Sound Radio 1503 and characterized as a gentle sploosh though a lagoon of ideas. Each week an idea was dissected to within an inch of its life to see what might be better understood. Helpful guests to this process included:

Peter Bleach, Mark Brayne, Antonio Forcione, AC Grayling, Simon Hughes

James Mawdsley, Ron McCullagh, Michael Meacher, Charles Moore

Sir Patrick Moore, Gaylene Preston, Professor Colin Pillinger, Rupert Redesdale

Sam Roddick, Peter Tatchell, Sir Teddy Taylor & Professor Lewis Wolpert

on subjects which included:

War in the context of Easter;

Global warming – have we created a climate to fear? Is time outside space?

The contribution refugees make to the social economy; The How of Zimbabwe?

Is there significance is the order of celestial bodies?

Grasping the bull by the horns and hanging on; The myriad mysteries of film;

Intellectual and physical expressions of love;  Art of Direction;

Autonomy; The cultural calamity of nationalism; The What of Burma?


Theard Side of the Coin is out to pasture. While ruminating, Abacus counts.

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